3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Resume

1. Naming your Resume File

When you’re saving your resume don’t save it like this: resume2011.pdf or JSmithAdminiAssistantOct172011.pdf. As a recruiter, I get a lot of resumes and if I like one I save it to my desktop. Now when I need to find your resume it’s much easier for me to locate it when it’s saved like this: JaneSmithresume.pdf or JaneSmithcoverletter.pdf. Also, make sure that you send your resume as a PDF rather than a Word (.doc) file. Don’t save your resume or cover letters as .docx files because hiring managers without the latest version of Microsoft Word won’t be able to easily open them.

2. Links to Social Networks

I am a huge advocate for adding a LinkedIn profile, Twitter, About.me etc to ones resume ONLY if your profile is 100% complete and you are actively using these sites. I don’t want to see a twitter account that has you following 20 people, you have 15 followers and 5 tweets, which happens to be all about things you ate or your cat. Only add links to social networks if they are professional links and would actually help you get the job.

3. Your Preferred Method of Contact

If you don’t want a recruiter to call you at work then don’t add your office number to your resume. If you are on a pay-as-you go phone plan then make sure that you have funds so you can receive and make phone calls. I remember trying to contact a candidate and I couldn’t reach them. I tried calling at different times of the day for a few days and couldn’t not get a hold of him. I finally found them on twitter and told them that I have been trying to call them with no success. The candidate then explained to me that he does not usually put any money on his phone unless he needs it. Well, if you’re looking or a job (and I assume you are since you’re filling out job applications) and you put your phone number as the only contact method then make sure your phone works so recruiters can actually CONTACT YOU!

At the End of the Day
This all may seem like common sense but if it is common sense then why do I still receive resumes with file names like resume.pdf, see people jump on the newest social network site and not really use it but update their business cards and resume with the link to their non-existent profile, and last but not least provide phone numbers or email addresses that they really didn’t want the recruiter to use?

Photo by: CarbonNYC

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