Beyond The Resume: Get Noticed Using LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

I really love using social networking sites such as Linkedin, Twitter and my least favorite Facebook. You feel like your spying or stalking someone by reading their profiles and learning about them. In fact you aren’t spying or doing anything wrong since the people you are viewing have decided to make there profiles public. So why not use these public profiles to your advantage.

Do you want to know a great way to promote yourself? Use Linkedin and Twitter.


Linkedin is a professional network site that allows you to stay connected with your colleagues. You can create a profile, upload your resume and ask people that you work with/for for recommendations, which are like references that people can read. What’s great about Linkedin is that it provides you the opportunity to find jobs and even get expert advice for your business or career.

A Linkedin profile is a great way for you to promote yourself. You can add a bio and create a unique brand for yourself. Its your chance to tell people what you are all about and what you can offer a company or a potential client. What makes you special? As of January 1, 2011 Linkedin reported that it had more than 90 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. That’s a lot of potential candidates or employers.

Here are some more reasons to love Linkedin:

1. Become a spy
Well you’re not really spying on profiles that are public. What you are doing and what Linkedin should be used as is a research tool. Why not search the name of the recruiter before the actual interview? Why not learn about the client you are about to meet? Linkedin is a great tool to use before meeting someone face to face.

2. Networking
Linkedin has many groups that you can join. This gives you a chance to meet people from all over the world with a little Q&A. These groups are filled with experts who can help you learn more about a career you’re interested in or how to improve your business. The more you network the more people will take a look at your profile and want to connect with you.

3. Backstage access
Linkedin allows you to search companies and other profiles. Being able to search profiles is sort of like giving you an exclusive peak backstage. For example, if your dream job is to be a recruiter (best job ever!) then you can search profiles of current recruiters and learn how they got there. You will be able too see what they studied, where they have worked, and who they are connected to. With Linkedin 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections, one of your connections may help you get introduced to a profile you have been spying on. Searching a company is a good idea too. If you want to know the location of there headquarter, how many employees they have etc.

4. Future connection made easier
In January 2011, LinkedIn acquired CardMunch, which is a mobile application maker that scans business cards and converts into contacts. LinkedIn plans to add this feature in the future, which would make staying connected even easier.

Like all the other social sites you want a lot of followers, friends or connections. A bigger number means you’ll have access to a larger audience, more potential customers, and/or employers.


Twitter is a site that lets you send messages in 140 characters or less. In a nutshell as twitter states “it is the best way to discover what’s new in the world”. Twitter has 175 million registered users and 95 million tweets are written per day. That’s a lot of people on there computers/laptops/iPhones/androids…..

What I really love about Twitter is that you follow people who interest you. If you’re interested in photography, need relationship advice, or just want the latest news fast then you will love Twitter. You also don’t need to tweet to enjoy twitter. You can just read and get up to the minute information anytime you want. Every single person’s twitter experience is totally unique. Nobody follows or is followed by the same people.

If you have your own business, looking for a job, looking for candidates, selling a product etc. etc. you need to join twitter. I follow friends, recruiters, news, fashion and music tweets. So I use it for both business and pleasure.

To manage my followers I create “lists” so I can get quick updates just from my HR friends without having to read through every tweet that I got sent. I can also network and direct message (if they are following me back) all my followers and tell them that I offer a free resume review on my website. Twitter is just an amazing tool to engage and talk to your customers.

Here are some interesting people that I follow:

Meredith J. Maze @mpower_success
Improving performance power of your org’s people-creating cultures where employees WANT to give 110%. Guiding mid-career pros in finding work you’ll LOVE.

Cherie & Chris @technomadia
2 technomads exploring the confluence of full-time travel, wanderlust, adventure, life, career and community. Winter 2011: St. John, US Virgin Islands.

Stacy Zapar @stacyzapar
Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn | I tweet about technology, jobs, networking, social media, LinkedIn, Intuit, motherhood & life in sunny SoCal.


If Linkedin and Twitter are like the New York Times and Wired Magazine than Facebook has to be like the National Enquirer or any of those shitty gossip magazines. I am only on Facebook because I have a lot of “friends” who use it as there main form of communication. Facebook connects you to people you knew 20 years ago and who you wouldn’t hang out with now if you had the choice. People who use facebook love changing their profile picture every few days or posting pictures of that wicked party where they got totally wasted. As you can tell I really don’t like Facebook. I get the feeling that some people live for their Facebook profile or think every photo opportunity is their new “Facebook profile pic”.

Favorite tweet about Facebook

“I wouldn’t need Facebook if there was a website that just told me whether or not my exes got fat.”

At The End Of The Day

More and more recruiters are using social networking sites as sourcing tools and people are realizing that. People are starting to use Linkedin and Twitter to their advantage and controlling their image and personal brand.

If you want people to view your linkedin profile or *twitter account then add those URLs to your resume i.e.,

*Only add your twitter account to your resume if your tweets add value. Recruiters don’t care if you’re tweeting about what you just ate or what your watching on t.v. is interesting.

Photo by: linh.ngân

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