These resume templates and cover letter templates are useful tools to help you on your job hunt.

Combined resume Template
The combined resume uses both the chronological resume and functional resume. The resume begins with the functional format and finishes with the chronological format. This format allows more flexibility and creativity when showcasing your abilities but it is time consuming because you need to write a different summary for each of your past jobs.

Reference Check Template
When providing a company with a list of references make sure the references know that you are using them. You can even make it easy on them and provide them with this template so they will be better prepared to answer the call.

Cover Letter Template
The purpose of the cover letter is for you to tell the recruiter/hiring manager that you have all the skills and qualifications for the specific job you are applying for. It should complement you resume and not duplicate it.

Email Cover Letter Template
Has the same purpose of a regular cover letter but the format is a little different. Keep an eye out on specific instructions from the application on how they prefer the cover letter to be sent.

Chronological Resume Template
A chronological resume puts the focus on your previous work experience and the responsibilities you had there. It should state who, what, where, and when. It is the most common format and is preferred by most recruiters (including me) because it is very easy to follow and clearly describes responsibilities and accomplishments. It does focus on job titles so if you want to focus on your skills try using the functional resume template.

Functional Resume Template
The functional resume groups work experience and skills by skill area or job function.This format should be used when an individual is changing careers and has transferable skills and experiences. This format also points out your skills over your specific employment history.