Creative Resumes – Are They Worth All The Time and Effort?

Creative Resume

Click here to view Phil Dub’s full size resume

The rules of resume writing are changing. Depending on the industry, sometimes a more personalized and unique resume will give you the edge on the competition. Let’s look at four creative resume and decide if all the effort and hard work is worth it. Let’s begin with Phil Dub’s Amazon resume. He’s a web product manager and what better way to show his stuff by selling himself as a product. Look at all the detail. You can tell that Phil put in a lot of work to make sure that his resume resembled a product that would be sold on Amazon. I don’t think Amazon likes this resume format but it’s definitely creative and I like that you can add him to your wedding registry 🙂

Awesome Resume

Click here to view Eugene Hsu’s full size Resume

So obviously Eugene loves animating. This resume is bright! I don’t see how any recruiter can miss it and it has an overall young feel to it. I like that she gets to the point and states that she is simply looking for a job and wants to work for an awesome company. I think this is a fun young resume for a recent graduate student. What better way to stand out when you’re just starting your career.

Airbnb resume

CLick here to view Loren’s full-size Airbnb Resume

Here’s a great resume that is focused on getting the attention of a very specific company – Airbnb. I think this resume is beautiful. It’s really nice to look at and very easy to follow. Loren has 5 points on why he thinks he should be hired and you just need to follow the coloured arrows to learn more about the points. I think he did a great job getting his message across.

Google, please hire me.

Click here to view Matthew Epstein’s full-size Resume

Matthew Epstein is not just a man with a moustache. He created a very funny video resume and landed his dream job. It wasn’t with Google but because of his creative resume he received many interviews from marketing departments and like he says landed his dream job. Not everyone can pull off a video resume like this but I think Matthew did a great job.

At the End of the Day
It all depends on the industry you want to work in. If the job/industry you want loves and hires creative people than making a personalized resume might give you the advantage over other candidates. All these creative resumes still provide all the information a recruiter is looking for: contact information, work history, academic history, technical qualifications and of course some extras such as humour. I think taking the time and effort to put together a creative resume is worth it.

The downside of having a creative resume is the pain of updating it. If you think updating a regular CV is time consuming try creating/updating a video resume. Showcasing yourself in this unique way also puts a lot of pressure on your next resume. Will it be as creative as your last resume? Should it be even more creative and unique?

One thing I do know is that if I came across any of these resumes I would definitely give the candidates a call.