What You Don’t Want To Forget Before Leaving An Interview

Don’t Forget

Your interview is almost over and your exhausted. Your mind is either completely blank because it took all of your energy to get through this interview and regurgitate the best responses or it’s filled with random information that you received from the panel and you’re trying your best to retain.

Either way you need to focus and remember that before you leave that room you get the answers to these questions:

  1. Who should you expect to hear from?
  2. How are they going to contact you?
  3. When should you expect to hear from them?

Note Pad

It’s always a good idea to bring a note pad to a job interview. You’re meeting so many people and trying to remember everyone’s name, title and information about the role. You’re not expected to remember everything, unless your Superman or Superwoman, which would be awesome!

Have these questions written down before hand so you don’t forget to ask them.

Most (good) recruiters will inform candidates of the follow-up procedure for an interview either at the end of the interview or while they’re walking you out and directing you to the elevator. Sometimes the last person you interact with is not the recruiter and therefore they will forget to provide you with these answers without you asking for them first.

Never Assume

You shouldn’t assume that the same person who interviewed you will be the same person who will notify you whether you got the job or not. Also, you want to make sure that the right person has your correct contact information. I can’t tell you how many people accidentally provide wrong telephone numbers or incorrect email addresses. It’s also good to know how they are going to get back you because if it’s by phone then make sure your pay-as-you-go phone plan is topped up and that you actually answer your phone. When you’re expecting a phone call try to actually answer the call before it goes to voice mail. Some recruiters won’t wait long for you to return their call before they decide to offer the role to someone else.

At the End of the Day

This information is VERY important. Not only will it help you not feel helpless and fear the worst after just 24 hours of your interview but if/when you don’t hear from anyone you will have the right persons name to follow-up with.

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