10 Reasons You WON’T Get The Job

In the last few years I have noticed that more people show up for job interviews unprepared or come with a sense of entitlement. Confidence is great but you don’t want to go to an interview with the wrong attitude.

Never do these 10 things in an job interview:

  1. Be unprepared. Candidates usually have a few days to prepare for a job interview. This is the time to learn everything you can about the company and job.
  2. Dress like a homeless person. You are trying to make a good first impression so dress appropriately. That means no Birkenstocks or shorts.
  3. Have nothing to say or say too much. You want to go into detail when selling yourself. This is usually difficult for most people but detail is very important. On the other hand you don’t want to talk too much because it can show that you’re not a good listener.
  4. Lie. Don’t lie about your past, your qualifications, education etc. If you’re caught lying during a job interview it can be grounds for termination later on.
  5. Arrive late. There is never a good excuse to be late I.e. Traffic, couldn’t find the place etc. You should give yourself plenty of time and arrive 15 minutes before the interview.
  6. Talk about money. This means asking about benefits, vacation, sick time etc. It will be discussed if a job offer is made.
  7. Talk on your cell phone or read text messages. The recruiter doesn’t care if you are waiting to hear back from another interview. Using your phone is rude and shows that your not taking the interview seriously.
  8. Leave the interview early. Recruiters understand that you are going to other interviews but you should never cut short the interview for another appointment. You should block off enough time to give a complete interview.
  9. Swear. Obviously foul language is inappropriate and should never be used in an interview.
  10. Act like a douche. So many people come to interviews thinking the company needs them more than they need the job. You should act confident but remember you’re not the only candidate. If you come with a sense of entitlement you will not get the job.

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow up. Always follow up within a few days. It shows the employer you want the job. This can be done by sending a thank you email. It makes a good impression and that is what it’s all about.

Good Luck!!!!!

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