Funny Job Interview Questions and Answers

Everyone can remember a past job interview that went wrong. If you could rewind and do the interview over again I bet you can think of some things that you should have said and some things you probably should have left out. It’s funny what nerves and feeling anxious can do to a person 🙂

Well, if you want to feel better here are some funny and creative interview questions and answers.

  • After arriving for an early morning interview, a job seeker asked to use the hiring manager’s phone. She then faked a coughing fit as she called in sick to her boss. (At least she called.)
  • When the hiring manager called the candidate, she asked him to bring several copies of his resume and three references. He called back an hour before the interview and asked to reschedule, saying his references couldn’t come with him to the interview.
  • When asked about her greatest job skill, the candidate said she was most proud of her computer illiteracy.
  • When asked what motivated him, the job seeker replied, “I’ve got a big house, a big car and a big credit card balance. Pay me and I’ll be happy.” (Brutal honesty will not get you the job.)
  • Interviewer Question : How can you lift a polar bear with one hand?
    Creative Answer : It is not a problem, since you will never find a polar bear with one hand.
  • Interviewer Question : How can a man go straight eight days without sleeping?
    Creative Answer : No Problems, He can sleep at night.
  • Interviewer Question : I shall either ask you five easy questions or only one really difficult question. Think well before you make up your mind.

    The candidate thought for a while and said, “my choice is one really difficult question.”
    “Well, good luck to you, you have made your own choice! Now tell me this.
    “What comes first, Chicken or Egg?”

    The candidate was very happy and answered “It’s the chicken!”

    “How?” the interviewer asked,”Sorry sir, you promised me that you will not ask me a SECOND difficult question!” and he got selected.

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