Office Party Survival Tips

So you have been invited to the office Christmas party and you can’t wait to let your hair down and dance the night away. Well before you go and try your “Elaine” like moves in front of your colleagues please read these tips, which should steer you from utter embarrassment.

  1. Show up. It doesn’t matter how much you hate your boss you should show up even if it’s for 30 minutes. If you chose to blow-off this event your pretty much telling your boss and company that you don’t care about your career.
  2. Dress Appropriately. This is not the time to go into your daughters closet and try something new. Stay away from clothes that are too tight, too transparent, or too short. Black is always safe but it is the holidays so try on some colour. For the dudes, avoid the Cosby sweater look unless it’s a Cosby sweater party, which are awesome!
  3. Stay Sober. You will have to face your colleagues on Monday and you don’t want to be remembered as the person who threw up. Most parties provide some food so eat something before you drink.
  4. Mingle. Get out of your clique, walk around and chat. Get to know your colleagues a little more. Find out what they are doing for the holidays or if they have plans for the New Year.
  5. Don’t be the office slut. Whether your a dude or a chick you don’t want to be known as the office slut. Stay away from flirting. Office parties are not the time to tell your cubicle buddy how you feel about them. A lot of sexual harassment claims are made after office parties.
  6. Gossip. Colleague bashing or company bashing is never cool so just because your hair is down doesn’t mean you should let your tongue slip and spread gossip during the party. You never know who will be in ear shot of you. This rule generally applies all the time. Don’t be apart of the gossip circle.
  7. Come with a great attitude. Even if you didn’t get the raise or promotion you wanted, a lot of time was spent on putting the party together and for your benefit so have a good time. On the same note just because the party is for you, the employee, don’t walk in with a sense of entitlement. Show some gratitude.
  8. Guests. Remember quests can damage your reputation. So if you’re scared that your partner, after a few drinks, will tell everyone what you really think of them then maybe go solo. Briefing your partner on things they are and are not allowed to say can be a career saver.
  9. Don’t talk shop. Don’t get caught up in business talk. People who can’t make conversation without talking about work are BORING and everyone including your boss will try to avoid you. It’s a party so lighten up!
  10. Say hello to your boss and the senior team. Thanking them for organizing the party shows respect. They may not remember your name but they will not forget a face. I shouldn’t have to say this but don’t be a kiss ass.

Topics to stay away from:

  • Politics
  • Drugs
  • Peoples weight/appearances
  • How much money everyone is making
  • Trying to find out who’s sleeping with who (general gossip)

Office parties can be a lot of fun but for some reason when alcohol is involved common sense has usually left the building. Hope these tips help.

Happy Holidays and enjoy the party. (Have an eggnog for me but only one :))

Photo by: kevindooley