Interview Secrets #1

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Let’s face it, some people prefer going to the dentist than going through a job interview. Interviews can be stressful especially if you’re expecting a one on one interview and it turns out to be a panel of 5 people. Talk about intimidating! Panel interviews can be very tough in their own right, but did you know that your interview began the minute you said hello to the receptionist?

First Impressions
People are focused on just impressing the recruiter and forget about every other person they meet before entering the interview room. You must remember that you’re being watched while waiting at reception. Recruiters commonly ask the front desk if any of the candidates stood out or made an impression on them. Maybe it was a busy morning in the office and you gave up your seat so another person was able to sit down or maybe it’s been awhile since you were up so early in the morning and took a small snooze. I’ve seen this happen!

Stand out
Even cracking a joke or small talk with the receptionist is a great way to make sure you are remembered. It’s also amazing how many people put their foot in their mouths in the elevator on the way to the interview room. As a recruiter I try to shake off candidate nerves with small talk and some jokes in the elevator. No matter how friendly a recruiter seems they are not there to listen to you talk about how hard you partied the night before. Nor do they want to hear how long you have been unemployed.

The elevator is not a confessional
Oddly people seem to spill their guts in there. I’ve had people tell me that they can’t even remember what job interview they are about to go into. Some people even take a few minutes and use the elevator mirrors as their very own vanity. I don’t mean just fixing your hair but full on applying deodorant and even nose grooming. Can you blame me for using lots of hand sanitizer?

The key is that the interview is not only in the room with the manager. The entire process IS the interview. From the moment you walk in the door right up until follow ups later on. Remember, always be professional and courteous to everyone you meet. This may seem obvious but roughly 1/4 of the candidates I interview are rejected before the interview even takes place!

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