What Factors Go Into Choosing A Career?

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This is a fun infographic design by Lauren Binning. It really is like a puzzle, which is what I like about it. Not only is it fun to read and interesting to look at but it’s also very informative.

My Dream Job

For myself, I never thought I would be a recruiter. I studied Urban Economics and Social Geography at the University of Toronto. I worked one summer with the Urban Planning Department at City Hall and knew it just wasn’t for me. Through high school I worked at a Flower Shop and loved interacting with people and this lead me to volunteering.

I was volunteering at a downtown Hospital when a job for an HR Receptionist came up and a friend told me that I should apply. I don’t really know why I did because I knew nothing about HR and honestly disliked interviews and the recruitment process. I was fairly shy at the time and talking about myself was the last think I liked or wanted to do.

What are you Passionate About?

To make a long story short during my interview the interviewer told me that I was very good with people. She asked around and I guess many of the volunteers that I worked with had good things to say about me. I remember her asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up? Ok, well she didn’t say it exactly like that but you know what I mean. I had no idea at the time because I just spent 4 years in school and as a result had a degree that I did not see myself using.

The interviewer then talked to me about HR and explained why she loves her work. She was very enthusiastic about my future and really showed genuine interest in me. She then hired me and suggested that I go back to school to get my HR Management certificate.

I really REALLY did not want to go back to school since I just spent so much money and 4 years dealing with exams but after thinking about I decided to go back. I worked full time and went to school part-time. I learned that HR was a great career for me. I would be able to work with people and since almost every company in the world has an HR department I could technically live and work where ever I wanted.

The Importance of Mentors

As I think back I really wonder what would have happened if I met someone that was just as passionate about Urban Planning as my interviewer was about HR. Would I have been an Urban Planner? I don’t know but since getting hired as a HR receptionist I was able to learn and get experience working in Compensation and Benefits, Labour Relations and of course Recruitment. I felt lucky that I met and continue to meet people who inspire me.

Everyone needs someone to look up to. These days people are more competitive with each other and the majority of co-workers/colleagues don’t see the sense of truly helping another person out unless it’s in their best interest. This why a mentor is great. A mentor is really just an experienced friend who is there to help answer questions.

Workplace Mentors

Mentors are not only important in the workplace but it’s in the workplace where most people need help. If you think back about to your first interview, job offer, and the decisions that you had to make wouldn’t it have been easier if you had help? Here are few reasons why I love the idea of mentors in the workplace:

  • Mentors can help young professionals set career goals and start taking the right steps to achieveing them.
  • Mentors can help young professionals find job opportunities. They can use their personal contacts and introduce a young professional to industry professionals and teach them how to and the importance of networking.
  • A mentors experience and knowledge is invaluable. Sharing resources and organizations they may not know about can really open doors and help someone take positive steps in their career.
  • A mentor can help by teaching someone how to look for a job and advice on how to keep a job.

Adding Value

A few years ago I wondered what value I add to the world. I know serious question right? I’m not a scientist so I can’t help find a cure for cancer or any other terrible desease so what else can I do? Well I figured out that helping others is one of the best things someone can do. You just need to figure out what you’re good at and what you can teach someone else that would be beneficial.

I don’t work in a conventional office so how am I going to try to mentor or help people? Well this is where this website comes in. One of my old bosses (and now friends) once told me that I always tried to counsel/help everyone; potential candidates or employees regarding searching for jobs, setting career goals, resume writing etc. She said that I was very good at it and that I was a very good listener.

Well even though I know and have proved that I am not a good writer (I must have skipped the class that taught you about grammer, punctuations and spelling 😉 ) I thought it would be a good idea to try to help job seekers by writing about the recruitment process. Now I help over 20,000 people every month (thanks Google Analytics) learn about the crazy interview process.

At the End of the Day

I’m really interested in hearing about your experience. I would love know how and why you chose your career? If you have a great story please take a few min­utes to share it with me. You can comment on this post or contact me here, here or here.

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