Some Recruiters Just Suck

I’m not one of those recruiters that suck at their job. I love my job. I meet a lot of great people and work with some wonderful companies. I match people with jobs and I feel really good about that. Saying that, there are a lot of people and companies out there who don’t like professional recruiters and will never work with a headhunter or staffing agency.

Bad Apples

In every profession you have your bad apples. Have you ever had a bad teacher? Does that mean you hate ALL teachers? Have you ever been treated badly by a Doctor? Does that mean you hate ALL Doctors? My point is that not all recruiters are bad. I truly believe that most professional recruiters are exactly that “professional”. When companies are too busy to look over a bazillion resumes or have a hard to fill role then they hire a recruiter to do the finding for them. Recruiters are good at what they do and should be given a second chance.


When I get a job to fill I take it very seriously. I listen to the company and hiring manager and make sure that I understand the role and what kind of person they want working for them. I don’t want to send them candidates that don’t even meet the minimum requirements. Why? because it’s my reputation on the line. Since I am taking the job seriously it would be nice if the company/hiring managers did too.

Some companies/hiring managers can be dishonest and not trustworthy because they hide information from recruiters. As a recruiter we need to know EVERYTHING. We need to know the job (full description please), the culture of the company and even the hiring managers interview style. If we are to find quality candidates that you will like you need to be honest and tell us EVERYTHING. It’s not a good idea to start the relationship off by omitting important information.

Working Together

When you have an open, honest hiring manager and a hard working and also honest recruiter you have an amazing partnership. When you build a partnership you learn things from one another. You learn that the recruiter is an expert in hiring and knows the market. The hiring manager is an expert in the company and the industry. When you come together you need to open up and try to get to know each other better.

One of the best ways to get to know each other is to make yourself available. Make yourself available if the recruiter calls and wants to meet you or set a up a Skype video call. A good recruiter wants to get to know the hiring manager because the better we know you the better chance we will find the perfect candidate that not only has all the requirements but has the right personality to work with you.

At the End of The Day

Hiring managers and recruiters both want to find the right candidate. When the recruiter is given ALL the information they need a great working relationship is built, the best candidate is found, and both parties are happy.

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