To The Food Stealers

I thought that this was so funny! I think we all at one point in our working lives were forced to label our food and still have it taken from our office refrigerators. A few years ago, I remember our office had a yogurt thief. I would write my name on the container and even try to hide it behind other people’s chilli’s, sandwiches and left overs. Still the thief would find it. At one point I even walked around everyone’s cubicles and glanced in their garbage bins. I remember how shocked I was to see my yogurt (now empty) container in my friends garbage bin. He was not in his cubicle at the moment so I couldn’t confront him. The next morning I walked to his cubicle and placed my yogurt container (with my name written in bold) on his desk. He looked puzzled at first but then I remember saying something like ” I thought I would save you the trip to the kitchen and give you my yogurt in person”. I do remember him not saying anything. I can only think that he was shocked and a bit embarrassed. I went back to my desk and within a few minutes I received an email. He said he was sorry for taking my yogurt.

I don’t know if I could ever spike my yogurt if I see it going missing again but I do love the “checkmate” at the end.

Hope you enjoy it to.


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