Why Sleeping With Your Co-Worker Isn’t A Bad Idea

Do you think you have a better chance of picking up your Valentine around the office than in a bar or club? Well you’re probably right but it doesn’t mean you won’t regret it later.

People find it easier to start an office romance because we spend so much time at work. Why go out when you have an office full of beautiful men and women who are conveniently employed and who you can observe and find out if they are weirdos or not. Plus you find that you share common interests and have similar backgrounds with work colleagues.


Everyone is guilty of it. When anyone starts a new job or if a new employee comes in the office most people want to scope out the good looking employee(s). Innocent flirting and getting to know your colleagues is actually ok, right? Well it’s this “innocent flirting” that can get you into a lot of trouble or get you a lot of perks depending on how you look at it.

We love talking about or hearing about a possible office romance between colleagues. Its probably the juiciest gossip people can spread.

Don’t Tell Anyone!

If you are already having an office relationship or thinking of having one, keep it on the down low. You do not want the entire office finding out especially if you work in the same department. All eyes will be on both of you. If you help your lover with work even if it’s something as simple as photocopying some documents there is always someone who will complain to the boss about favoritism.


Most couples, after work, like to rant to each other about there day. Well If you work with your lover then you don’t want to hear the rant because you were there and lived the experience with them. Having your partner around 24-7 can be exhausting. This is where alone time, separate hobbies, and hanging with your friends is important if you want the relationship to last.

The Break Up

I know you’re in love right now and everything seems perfect but break ups do happen and to the best of couples. Work break ups can be the worst kind because not only are you emotionally hurting but your career and reputation can take a bruising too. If you become known as the office gigolo coworkers for many reasons (jealousy of your relationship or want to get ahead professionally) will try to smudge your reputation and can even accuse you of sexual harassment and prevent you from getting that promotion you rightly deserve.

Advantages of an Office Lover

So now that you know why you shouldn’t get involved with someone in your office, here are some reasons why you should.

  • If you start a relationship with your boss or someone in a senior role then you might get promoted quicker or will be guaranteed that salary increase on your next review.
  • You can carpool. This is a valid point. When you’re sleeping with someone you work with then there’s no rush to go home and get ready for your commute. You both can get there together and save on petrol.
  • You can go on “day dates”. Most colleagues can and do sneak away for lunch meetings. This allows a nice break in the day where you can spend some quality time with your lover and don’t have to wait for the evening.

At The End Of The Day

You don’t want to be accused of favoritism, sexual harassment, lose your job or damage your reputation over an office fling. Some office romances do work and people have gotten married and live happily ever after. My suggestion is to keep it quiet until you hear those wedding bells.

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