How To Keep A Good Employee

When an employee leaves most people think the main reason is pay. Well thats not always true and some employees even leave despite more money or better benefits.

I was recently thinking of a bad company I used to work for. I had just moved to Vancouver and the job I applied for seemed like a good challenge. Plus the company would fly me once a month to Toronto for meetings and this suited me perfectly as I could then visit my family and friends.

I only lasted 3 months, the exact length of my probationary period. The list of reasons why I left is long but let’s just say I never got to see my family. Being dishonest in an interview and deceiving a candidate is wrong and are good reasons to quit a job.

I have found that most employees leave because of their Managers, they are frustrated with their career development and/or they feel that they’re not taken seriously.

How To Keep A Good Employee

Reduce red tape. Bureaucracy is a headache and some people leave because they’re frustrated with the process.

Show employees respect. When an employee suggests a good idea or does a great job a positive thank you email or gift certificate to their favorite coffee place makes a real difference.

Offer flexibility. Flex time and working from home can help employees with children, pets, commutes etc.

Career development. Get employees ready for promotions by providing mentorship, training and support learning and growth.

Conduct stay and exit interviews. Find out if there’s a way to keep good employees and find out why they are leaving so you can reduce turnover.

Research The Company

To make sure that the company you are looking at is a great employer, you will need to do some research. Find out if you know anyone who has worked for that company. Read through their website and pay strong attention when reading about employees and benefits of working there.

The best time to learn about the company is in the interview. Ask questions! Here are some areas to ask about:

Career development. What do they offer employees to prepare them for future promotions?

Employee input. Employees want to feel that they have an actual part in the growth of the company. Knowing that your opinion matters and is valued is important.

Work and Life Balance. When employees find commuting difficult or have a sick partner or family member to take care of, a good company will be glad to work with the employee and offer flex time.

Benefits and Salary. Salary is important but benefits are important too. People forget that when looking at benefits they can actually be worth twice the value of your salary so it’s worth learning all about them.

I don’t think it’s hard to keep an employee happy. Respect, career growth, and a good compensation and benefits package is a start. Remember the probationary period goes two ways. If you end up working at a bad company and are not happy just quit.

Photo by: JD Hancock