The Anatomy of an Outstanding Resume

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The Outstanding Resume

As a recruiter I know how important a well written and professional looking resume is. I do look through hundreds of resumes and it would make my life so much easier if people knew how to organize and write a professional looking resume.

What I like about this guide is that it says to state an objective without actually using the word objective. If you read my post “Resume Tip: Objective Statement” you would know that I would prefer if candidates replaced the “objective statement” with a bio or brand. This brand/bio should only be 3-4 sentences long and should cover your career goals, your experience, some of your accomplishments and finally some of your skills. Sometimes you can even list or have a summary of your qualifications that you would tailor for each job application.


When you’re looking at your own resume sometimes you can’t really see what is wrong with it or how to improve it. Maybe you don’t know how to take the series of jobs that you have had and make it look like you’ve been building a career rather than just having jobs. This is where I can help. I love helping people create a better resume and cover letter package that better represents who they are because not only do they receive a professional document but it also includes a confidence boost.

I provide a fresh and objective viewpoint that your friends or family members really can’t provide. When you have a new resume and cover letter package that you are proud of you get excited about job hunting. With professional advice and information you learn how to better describe your past job responsibilities, learn how to communicate and talk about what your passionate about, what your skills are and why your qualified for the job you want.

If you think your resume could look better than check out my services page. Here is a list of some of the packages I offer:

  • Resume Critique
  • Revised Cover Letter Package
  • Graduate Resume Package
  • Revised Resume Package

If you’re not sure if your resume just needs to be revised or if you need a brand new one the resume critique package is perfect. A professional recruiter (me!) looks over your resume and tells you exactly what’s wrong with it and what’s good about it. I am very honest and tell it like it is.

At the End of The Day

The point of my services and this website is for people to learn how the recruitment process works. Flawed as the recruitment process sometimes may seem the whole process starts off with a recruiter looking through hundreds of resumes. Would your resume stand out?

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