Coffee and Work

Coffee Mugs

Photo by: ewen and donabel

I don’t know about you but I love a good mug. The best mugs that I have seen and used have been from staff kitchens. These are the miss matched mugs that people donate to the kitchen for everyone to share. In this case one persons trash is another persons treasure.

I’m a morning person so I was usually one of the first people in the office. One of the advantages of being one of the first people at work was that you had a great selection of mugs to choose from. Some of these mugs were the property of other co-workers and you didn’t want to take another persons mug, unless of course you wanted to be hunted down and attacked by an angry coffee deprived colleage. If you didn’t want anyone else using your fantastic mug than you did what any other sane employee did and locked your mug in your desk drawer 😉

If you’re looking for a new mug check out these sweet ideas:

Grumpy Cat Mug
The Grumpy Cat Mug – Who doesn’t love Grumpy cat?

Anger Management Mug
Anger Management Ceramic Mug – Pretty self explanatory. Approach with caution.

On/Off Mug
ON/OFF Mug – A great way to tell those particularly bubbly co-workers that you’re either “On” or “Off” that morning.

Garfield Mug
GARFIELD MONDAYS SUCK – You can’t go wrong with a classic Garfield mug.

F*ck Work Mug
F*ck Work Mug!! – This mug maybe better left at home.

Secret Cookies Face Mug
Secret Cookies – Face Mug – A great place to store some afternoon sweets.

Ninja Mug
The Ninja Mug – Ninja’s are cool.

The Recycling Bin Mug
The Recycling Bin Mug – For all those tree huggers out there. (I like this mug :))

Owl Mug
Owl Mug – I LOVE Owls!

Rubik's Cube Mug
Rubik’s Cube Mug – I think this mug would be great as a candy dish or a planter.

Chalk Talk Mug
Chalk Talk Mug – Oh the possibilities.

Toilet Mug
Toilet Mug – If you want a guarantee that nobody will take your mug then this mug is for you.

MyCuppa Coffee Mug
Mycuppa Mug – A color guide for the perfect cup of coffee. Brilliant!