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  1. MXV
    October 11, 2012

    If it’s an obvious fake interview, like if they don’t ask deep technical or probing questions, or you don’t meet with HR last, then send them a bill for your time. Will let them know your not a sucker and may prevent this abuse in the future (wishful thinking).

  2. JJ
    January 20, 2013

    Nice article. People need to know what is going on out there; the tremendous waste of time, money, etc..is appaling. One thing people should also look out for is the fake job postings that lead to (sometimes, but often not even that) interviews. These can be easy to spot; at my work, which shall remain nameless( but it is a hospital) they advertize for nurses 365/days a year online, at least 50 RN positions in the hospital at any given time.
    We haven’t hired a nurse in 3 years; ALL positions have been filled by New Grads that are already in the department, Transfers from other department, or recent upgrades..(LVN to RN, for example) that are already employed. Money is taken from the governent for hiring Health care proffesionals.In order to get the money, ads must be run, interviews held, etc. This is done. But every single interview ends in “Not a qualified applicant..HR currently has over 2400 active Nurse resume’s, and plans to not hire a single one..

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